What to do in Rocky Point?


All you have to know about this sport in Rocky Point.

Sport fishing in Puerto Peñasco is an excellent activity that you can do individually or by hiring a boat. In this article you will find the ease with which you can enjoy this sport. Puerto Peñasco undoubtedly offers endless activities linked directly with nature.

Puerto Peñasco is an ideal destination for sport fishing and diving. It has 100 kilometers of fine textured beaches conducive to enjoying calm waters as well as attractive estuaries where yacht trips can be made. In addition, it has enormous potential for the development of sport fishing, since it is located in one of the main gulfs with a great biodiversity of marine species.

Tour the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve 

and the Great Desert Altar

The Pinacate and Great Desert of Altar are also ideal for the practice of activities such as mountain 

biking, camping and hunting.

The immense desert is one of the few geographical features of the north of the planet that is distinguishable from outer space and was declared a World Heritage Site in 2013.

During the 1960s, in the middle of the space race against the USSR, NASA trained its astronauts in the Great Desert of the Altar, so that they could get used to the lunar landscapes of the Earth.

Visit San Jorge island

During your visit to Puerto Peñasco do not forget to visit San Jorge Island. This boat ride is one of the beautiful places of this tourist place, it is almost mandatory that you do it, you will not regret it. 

San Jorge Island is a protected island in the gulf, it houses a rich diversity of flora and fauna, it is home to more than 2,500 sea lions. The surrounding sea is calm, blue, excellent temperature, you can swim between sea lions and a lot of sea birds

Take a Walk on the Malecon Founders 

A walk in front of the sea is always a good idea. Pack the camera and get ready for a delicious walk through Puerto Peñasco. Enjoy the tranquility under the sky and travel along the beautiful Malecon Founders accompanied.

Whale Watching Tour

One of the best experiences is the gray whale sightings, which the whole family can enjoy. Gray whales arrive in Puerto Peñasco every year, from January to March. They follow a line of migration from the Alaska Bearing Sea where they feed on krill in the summer and reach the Sea of Cortes in the winter in the light. 

After giving birth the whales return north to start this process again, this gives the opportunity to many people along the coasts of Baja California in Mexico and California in the United States to observe the gray whales.

Play a game of golf

In addition to the beautiful beaches facing the Sea of Cortez and a wide variety of marine fauna, Puerto Peñasco has 3 world-class golf courses where you can enjoy the landscapes and your favorite sport.

You can enjoy a relaxing day playing golf while on vacation in Puerto Peñasco.

Enjoy and have fun in the best beaches of the                                     best beaches of Rocky Point


The public beach is perfect for families, offering ample space for volleyball or sandcastles.


During the spring break that runs from mid-February to April, the location becomes a thriving party center.


The closest beach to downtown Puerto Peñasco, Playa Bonita, extends westward until it meets Sandy Beach.


It is one of the city's favorite beaches, especially for fishing and collecting seashells.